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Homeschooling, read alouds, and why I put chocolate ice cream in my coffee!

Peek Into Our Week

We arrived home last night after a rather exhausting but oh-so-good weekend back in Kansas. While we dearly love the people there, we realized how much we already feel at home in Tennessee. It’s been amazing how quickly we’ve all adjusted and acclimated to our new life here. I know that is definitely a testament to many answers to prayer.

We’re getting back into the swing of homeschooling after taking a week off while we moved. Somehow, our kitchen table always “blows up” (see above) while we’re in the middle of our homeschool day! 🙂

One of the exciting changes moving and now working together is affording us is getting to choose our own hours and set our own schedule, instead of Jesse being tied down to court schedules, client appointments, and the daily responsibilities of running a busy law firm. This is allowing him to be a lot more involved in homeschooling and our daily life stuff — which we are loving!

Peek Into Week

We just finished the Imagination Station book #14 last week and started Brother Andrew: Behind Enemy Lines. I’m already predicting our kids are going to love that book as they ate up the first chapter. 🙂

I loved reading Brother Andrew’s autobiography years ago and am excited to introduce him to my children now!

Peek Into Week

As you know, I’m all about making do and using what you have. So today, when I discovered we were all out of milk, I improvised and used chocolate ice cream in my coffee.

It was the best alternative to milk I could come up with — and truthfully, it was really yummy. 🙂 Plus, it saved me a trip to the store. That’s a win-win. But pretty much anything that involves chocolate ice cream is, isn’t it? 😉

How was your weekend and your day today?

Busy Bag Idea: Number Wheel

Many of you have asked for Busy Bag Ideas for preschoolers, so here’s one that Kaitlynn (4) has enjoyed (this was one of the Busy Bags in the Busy Bag Swap Box):

The Number Wheel is just a simple laminated circle, divided into ten “slices” plus ten clothespins with numbers 1-10 written on them. Each slice on the Number Wheel has a different number of dots in it that correspond with the numbers on the clothespins.

The object of this activity is for the child to match up the dots in each slices with the numbers on the clothespins. It not only teaches basic math and matching skills, but also has some fine motor skills practice thrown in, too.

Download a free printable Number Wheel here. There are also some variations on the Clothespin Number Wheel idea here. Find more Busy Bag ideas here.