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  • Stephanie Shelton says:

    I recently tried a dishwasher product because I had a coupon that gave me a great deal. When I began using it, I did not like it. It left my dishes with a very strong scent. Even though the scent was pleasant, I didn’t want to taste it on my dishes. The frugal part of me did not want to throw away the rest of the product, so I sent an e-mail to the company explaining my problem and asking if it was common. Within a week, I got an e-mail with their apologies, a list of suggestions, and they said I would receive a free product coupon in the mail. I don’t think you should complain just to get a coupon; but if you have a real concern, it might be worth the time it takes to send and e-mail.

  • Abby H says:

    Dollar Tree accepting coupons. I went to the Dollar Tree in Chicago, Illinois, Brickyard area. I had 7 products and 4 coupons, for each product. I was very disappointed when I was advised by the cashier that I was only able to use one coupon per transaction. I did not purchase my products but have contacted the Dollar Tree corporate office. I am aware of one coupon per product, this is what I had, but not one coupon per product per transaction, I would have done 7 transactions. I am very dissatisfied with this particular Dollar Tree but once I hear a response, I will forward for everyone to read. Thank you!!!